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Stand By Letter of Credit

We offer Stand By Letter of Credit which is a payment guarantee on a client’s behalf.

Bank Guarantees

Micro Capitals gives Bank Guarantee as an undertaking on an applicant’s behalf in

Documentary Letter of Credit

We assure the seller payment when documentary delivery conditions are met.

POF & RWA Documents

Get POF & RWA documents easily with the Micro Capitals Private Limited.

Digital Equipment Finance

Digital Equipment Finance is a loan given for purchase of a digital equipment used in an

Loan Against Property

Mortgage Loan allows you to borrow a substantial amount of money by mortgaging your.

Loan Against Shares

Loan Against Shares is a loan given against holding of shares of listed securities.

Structured Business Loans

Structured Business Loans are customized loan solution to address the customer's short term fund requirement.

Franchise Finance

Franchise Finance is a loan given for setting up a new franchise. Franchise Finance is given up to the limit of franchise fees.

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About MCPL

Micro Capitals Private Limited is a privately held company registered with Registrar of Companies as per the Indian Company's act, 1956. Set up in 1991, Micro Capitals Private Limited is a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC), registered with Reserve Bank of India.

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